Svitzer Brazil Expands its port coverage - DynaRep's representation of agents in Greece, Malta and Singapore

by Dynarep
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Svitzer Brazil, whom DynaRep Shipping Consultants exclusively represents in the Greek and Cypriot markets has announced that it has expanded its port towage operations, to cover the ports of Aratu and Salvador. In particular the following two Svitzer azimuth tugs (listed below) have already started operations:
- Svitzer Jamil Darian built 2017 with 60,5 tons bollard pull capacity
- Svitzer Zoe built 2017 with 70,7 tons bollard pull capacity
All the terminals at both ports can be serviced by Svitzer’s tugboats with the exception of TEMADRE - Madre de Deus, at Aratu, that is an exclusive Patrobras Terminal that only utilizes their dedicated tugs.
After the latest addition of ports, Svitzer Brazil now services the following ports:
-         Aratu
-         Paranagua / Antonina
-         Pecem
-         Rio Grande
-         Salvador
-         Santos
-         Sao Francisco do Sul / Itapoa
-         Suape
-         Vitoria
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DynaRep Shipping Consultants is always looking to expand to new areas and partner up with reputable agents from around the globe. In this respect we announce our collaboration and the representation of the following agents in the respective countries:
-         Greece: Hajiefremidis S.A.
-         Malta: EMC Shipping
-         Singapore: Baltic Ship Services
Hajiefremidis S.A. is one of the most reputable agents in Greece, offering its agency services since 1959, covering most ports in the Greek mainland and also the Greek islands, as well as specializing in the repairs of ships, brokerage of vessels for scrap etc.
EMC Shipping is one of the best agents in Malta, providing unique and cost effective agency services in an area that is blessed geographically, servicing vessels OPL as well as within port limits. Malta is only one of two countries in the EU, within the Schengen area, that allows Visa/OKTB upon arrival for crew changes, for a number of nationalities, thus providing an excellent place to embark and disembark crew members.
Baltic Ship Services is a leading agent in Singapore, part of a larger group of maritime related companies, that was formed in 2004. They are driven by passion for the maritime sector, also themselves managing ships, which offers them a unique foresight into the needs of any principal. Singapore is the center of shipping in Asia and having a strong partner in this area of the world means everything.
DynaRep Shipping Consultants inaugurated its services to the Greek and Cypriot shipping industry markets in 2018, offering representation services to a wide agency, port towage, pilotage and supplies/provisions network, servicing the vessels of close to 190 ship management companies and charterers alike, at ports around the globe.


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