Secro Inc. and DynaRep Shipping Consultants announce their collaboration

by Dynarep
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Secro Inc. and DynaRep Shipping Consultants announce their collaboration

DynaRep Shipping Consultants staying true to its vision of offering unique services has partnered up with Secro Inc. in order to represent and promote their revolutionary cloud-based platform that offers distinctive advantages to a range of different segments of the shipping industry.

Secro Inc. a US based technology company has developed their own cloud-based platform that will fast forward to the 21st century the shipping industry’s contract negotiation, bills of lading, contract execution and performance.  Buying and selling commodities becomes quicker and less risky, eradicating fraud and various inefficiencies of a large part of the supply chain.  At the same time suppliers are held accountable and compliant with the supply chain regulations, whilst accurately keeping track of the contractual performance of all parties throughout a cargo’s journey.  The end result is the digitization of the bills of lading, transportation and sales agreements, which result in higher operational performance and efficiency.  Recently Secro obtained approval from the International Group of P&I Clubs to operate as an electronic bill of lading (eBL) provider.

Different teams, organizations and stake holders involved in the transportation of commodities around the globe can take advantage of a unique set of digitized services including charterparty e-bill of lading, contract negotiation and contract execution / performance evaluation.  The Secro platform complements and augments a company’s existing ERP and TMS by managing processes and protecting critical business data that today are left on paper or administered via off-line systems, this way gaining unprecedented visibility and control over the financial, commercial and legal workstreams.  In short, Secro can alleviate forgery, missing / lost documents, help to decrease / alleviate fees and help to speed up the process of commodities being traded and also reduce the waiting times of vessels, creating win-win solutions for all stake holders.  

DynaRep Shipping consultants inaugurated its services to the Greek and Cypriot shipping industry markets in 2018, offering representation services to a wide range of maritime related service providers from around the globe.  Currently it services more than 180 ship management companies at different parts of the world and has grown into becoming a leading representation company in a short period of time.

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