DynaRep Shipping

A leading representation company in the shipping industry
markets of Greece and Cyprus


Dynarep Shipping Consultants

Dynarep services

Agents represented

We represent on exclusive basis a select number of agents at strategic locations around the globe. For all your husbandry – protective agency matters, look no further.

Port Towage companies represented

Any ship management company or charterer of ships employing their ships on voyage / spot basis can enjoy very competitive rates for the port towage services via our partners, whom we represent on exclusive basis.

Pilotage companies represented

Our company is able to provide via a select number of partners, pilotage services that add to the safety of all vessels transiting via important sea ways.

Provisions, Supplies, Repairs and Logistics Services

DynaRep Shipping Consultants represents on exclusive basis CREDENTIAL SHIP SERVICES LLC (CSS) that provides supplies and provisions, as well as logistical and technical services, to all shipping companies calling at the United Arab Emirates

World Agent

World Agent is a service provided by World Agent Maritime Services LLC, a US company setup by specialized professionals with a long experience on the operations side of the maritime business. World Agent is an Application for Android and Apple Smartphones which can be downloaded for free via the respective stores on each platform. It is also available via the internet at www.worldagent.app


About us

DynaRep Shipping Consultants is one of the leading representation companies in the Greek and Cypriot shipping industry markets. Its director, Mr. Christos Sideris, has more than two decades of work experience in the shipping industry, having worked for various maritime companies providing services from the Liner container trade, container logistics, shipping agents, to the traditional ship management companies.

DynaRep stands for “Dynamic Representation” and it is wholly focused on delivering quality services at competitive rates to an industry where many people claim to know the maritime business but only very few actually deliver.

The company was formed in March 2018 and is currently representing on exclusive and non-exclusive basis in the Greek and Cypriot markets a network of reputable service providers.

Our network is comprised of agency, port towage, pilotage, suppliers of provisions / supplies / logistics / repair and waste disposal companies that have a proven track record in the shipping industry and they are market leaders in their respective countries.

We are always looking to expand our network of partners to strategic areas around the world but only if a service provider fits our criteria for the provision of excellent services. 



A leading representation company in the shipping industry markets
of Greece and Cyprus


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