02/12/2019 DynaRep’s Port Towage Network Expands to Germany and Singapore

01/01/2019 DynaRep’s Agency Network Expands to Germany
Μάιος 30, 2019
29/01/2020 DynaRep expands in the Pilotage Services sector through its collaboration with Strasselink
Ιανουάριος 29, 2020

This year has been very significant for DynaRep Shipping Consultants expansion plans, not only with its local client base but also with its partners abroad.

Two new collaborations have commenced with Fairplay Towage Group, Germany and Marina Offshore Singapore, both of which are offering port towage services at their respective countries.

Fairplay Towage Group, Germany, with more than 150 years of experience in tugboats at Germany, it is the most iconic and respected port towage company in Europe, servicing its clients in over 25 European ports.

Marina Offshore Singapore, offers services with its versatile tugboat fleet since 1998 and is one of the key players in this very competitive market.

Both companies have decided to invest in the Greek and Cypriot shipping markets via their collaboration with DynaRep Shipping Consultants and strengthen their position by emphasizing on the level of services offered, as well as pricing, which will benefit the owning companies and charterers alike.

DynaRep Shipping consultants inaugurated its services to the shipping community in 2018, offering representation services to a wide agency and port towage company network.